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Factory Carpark and New Roads for Stryker

Factory Carpark and New Roads for Stryker

We were recently tasked with providing a new level surface for a factory car park and roads for Stryker. Here’s a breakdown of the process:


We initially consulted with the Engineers over the project and decided on the specifications that were required.

Preparation – Including Hard Landscaping

Ground preparation is one of teh most important factors in achieving a good finish to any tarmacadam road or cap park. After deciding all levels, we prepared the ground, to the engineers specifications, with limestone laid to the specified falls. We installed all gullies to take away all surface water. We then laid the kerbs required and ensured everything was perfect before laying the tarmacadam.

Laying the Tarmacadam

The car park was to be used mostly for heavy equipment, such as lorries and trucks, so the specification required 4 layers of Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA). We used our own equipment, to ensure reliability and speed.


Following meticulous preparation and laying of the tarmacadam, the resulting roads and car park, had a brilliant smooth and level finish and will serve our clients well for years to come.

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