New Addition to the Team: Vogele Tar Spreader

New Addition to the Team: Vogele Tar Spreader

Because of high work demand, we found the need to increase our ability to put out large amounts of tar, in a shorter space of time. Flexibility in the paving width and easier control over depths and levels of tar, were also high up on our wish list.


After a little deliberation, it was an easy decision to buy the Vogele 1300 3i Tracked Paver, which is manufactured by the Wirtgen Group, to the highest German standard.

Our brand new, specially adapted Vogele Paver, has all the features required to allow us to provide the best tarmac surface to our customers specifications, in the fastest time frame possible. We can seamlessly adjust from 1.8 meters wide, all the way up to 5 meters, allowing us to cater for trench work, road works and driveways, all with the same machine.


Minimum disruption is a massive factor for our clients, whether it’s someone looking to get a household driveway tarred, or an international corporation, looking for industrial standard roads, carparks and  loading bays . All too often, we have heard people complain of previous contractors blocking roads and driveways for days and weeks at a time. We will work with you to minimise the inconvenience caused. With the help of our top of the range tar spreader, we can unload a full truck load of Stone Mastic Asphalt or Tar in 11 minutes. It also uses the latest laser levelling technology to create that millimeter perfect finish and ensure that THE JOB IS DONE RIGHT, FIRST TIME – EVERY TIME. 



Most of the time, we will be in and out in 1 day and you will be able to drive on your new tarred road or driveway that evening. This is especially important for home driveways and farm roadways – where vehicular access is a major requirement. 

Another bonus of the Vogele Paver, is the ease at which we can adjust the depths of each layer of tar applied – which is a vital factor when it comes to commercial road and driveway specifications.

Overall we are extremely happy with our new purchase. It allows us to provide the same high standard tar finish that we have always provided, just now we can do it that bit easier and quicker.

Factory Carpark and New Roads for Stryker

We were recently tasked with providing a new level surface for a factory car park and roads for Stryker. Here’s a breakdown of the process:


We initially consulted with the Engineers over the project and decided on the specifications that were required.

Preparation – Including Hard Landscaping

Ground preparation is one of teh most important factors in achieving a good finish to any tarmacadam road or cap park. After deciding all levels, we prepared the ground, to the engineers specifications, with limestone laid to the specified falls. We installed all gullies to take away all surface water. We then laid the kerbs required and ensured everything was perfect before laying the tarmacadam.

Laying the Tarmacadam

The car park was to be used mostly for heavy equipment, such as lorries and trucks, so the specification required 4 layers of Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA). We used our own equipment, to ensure reliability and speed.


Following meticulous preparation and laying of the tarmacadam, the resulting roads and car park, had a brilliant smooth and level finish and will serve our clients well for years to come.

If you would like to see some other Commercial contracts we have carried out, please click on our Commercial Services, or if you would like some more information on Stone Mastic Asphalt, check out our Stone Mastic Asphalt page or here for definitions and history.

Tarmac contracts in Kerry

Many years of tarmac works in the county of Kerry have built us a good reputation and rapport with clients. We have decided to gather a collection of tarmac, chipping & line marking contracts we have completed for clients across Kerry. The images we have selected for these projects showcase a wide range of our services. Why not take a look at our Limerick blog post afterwards, to make yourself even more aware of what services we offer.

Tarmac Contractors - Abbeydorney, Tralee
Tarmac Contractors - Abbeydorney, Tralee

The first example above, shows our team laying on tar for a housing scheme works in Abbeydorney, Co.Kerry. This included both the road and driveways attached to it.

Tarmac Contractors - Moyvane, Co.Kerry
Tarmac Contractors - Moyvane, Co.Kerry

Above can be seen the tarmac paths we laid on the forest trail in Moyvane, Co. Kerry. This helped to clean up the trail and provides an even surface for walking and running.

Tarmac Contractors - Denny St., Tralee, Co.Kerry

Pictured above are the improvements we made to the commercial car park, located just off Denny street in Tralee, Co. Kerry.

Tarmac Contractors - General Hospital, Tralee, Co.Kerry
Tarmac Contractors - General Hospital, Tralee, Co.Kerry

While working on Kerry General Hospital, we provided tarmacadam works at night, so as to not hinder the flow of traffic. We can provide a suitable time schedule for your tarmac project also.

Driveway for Advance Pitstop, Ennis Rd, Co. Limerick


Time for another update on our project work! Our focus today is on Advance Pitstop, located on the Ennis Road, Co. Limerick, which as the name suggests, specialises in car repairs and has a Pre-NCT check-up centre available onsite. However, their entrance needed some work done on it, so that cars wouldn’t leave and encounter more problems.


We began by stripping the existing damaged driveway and levelling the area. A completely new finish of machine-laid tar was applied, giving both the driveway and car park a uniform, level finish.


Overall we were very proud of our work, and our client was similarly happy with the work we did. Below you can see the before and after photos of the site.



Tarmac contracts in Limerick

Here are some examples of a few projects we have carried out throughout County Limerick and Limerick City, including tarmac driveways, roadways, car parks, footpaths and more.

Park tarmac contract, Ballingary, Co.Limerick
Park tarmac contract, Ballingary, Co.Limerick

Here can be seen the tarring works of the walkway around the park in Ballingarry, Co.Limerick.


Tarmac laying & line marking carried out nearby to the Odeon cinemas and the University of Limerick in Castletroy, Co.Limerick

Chip&Tar, Co.Limerick

Here we provided chipping for this pathway in Co.Limerick. You can find details of our chipping services here.

For a full list of our services, see the services tab. 

Recent greyhound track

Recent greyhound track

We recently completed a job in Co. Clare to create a road for a greyhound track on private premises. We groundworked the road before levelling it out and tarring it. The customer was very happy with the end result.

Here are the before and after images of the private greyhound track:

If you like what you see, and would like something similar or indeed different, we provide a range of services. Give us a call or send us an email if you have any enquiries.

Recent Roadworks in Kerry

Recent Roadworks in Kerry

Recently in Listowel Co. Kerry we were place with the job of Instating the road of previous work done for the new gas lines. We waited until they proceed onto the next section to begin leveling it out and tar the section.

Here are images during and after the roadworks:

If you like what you see or want something similar or different, we provide a range of services. Give us a call or email.